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Qingdao Hexas Chemical Co., Ltd.


Advanced international production technology and high quality

  • Who We Are

    Who We Are

    Qingdao Hexas Chemical Co.,Ltd was established based on HB Group , Hexas gathers all SBC business from HB Group in order to provide much more professional service to partners and further expand SBC business all over the world.

  • Our Business

    Our Business

    In initial 2 years we mainly focus on high quality SIS meantime research innovative SIS which is not available in China for specific market demand , then we will step into high quality SBC including SEBS , SEPS and SIBS etc in order to provide larger portfolio of SBC products.

  • Our Strategy

    Our Strategy

    “Win-Win” among customers , logistic partners , upstream partners is our 1st priority Sustainable -Growing together with partners.

about us

Qingdao Hexas Chemical Co., LTD as the SIS Business Unit of HB Group mainly focus on high quality SBC supply to all over the world. HB Group has been in C5,C9,C5/C9 copolymer resin ,hydrogenated resin,and SIS for more than 16 years ,and each year export volumn is listed as Top 3 among all Chinese suppliers .
Since from July of 2021, all SIS business from HB Group was gathered to Hexas in order to provide much more professional service and further expand SBC business .
Through 10 years’ research and development ,we have a large sales team with 60 people including abroad technical consultants in Europe,N/A,S/A, who is mainly responsible for guiding customers to solve technical issue.

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